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Now That 2020 is Ending, Let’s Look Forward to 2021 Trends

Quartz Countertops

Quartz has become a favorite among options of countertop. The reason it has made its way to the top of most designers’ lists for nearly any kitchen or bathroom design is due to its lasting beauty and durability and wide range of available patterns and colors. Once your quartz countertop is installed, it will be beautiful for years with very little upkeep except for basic cleaning. More specifically, light colored quartz is majorly trending and is currently the most popular style of countertop on the market. 

Unique Sinks

Say goodbye to too common forms of sinks and say hello to unique sink options that boast sophisticated designs and unexpected sizes and materials. At MGW we carry BLANCO sinks and accessories. BLANCO offers granite composite sink material and their sinks are proudly manufactured right here, in North America. With hundreds of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, granite composite sinks are the perfect combination of function, design and imagination.


Waterfall Countertops

A waterfall countertop looks great in a modern kitchen. These are characterized by the top of the countertop continuing down the sides, resulting in a smooth transition which looks minimalist. This really ties the room together. Waterfall countertops have been prevalent for years, but are rising in popularity.



The backsplash of a kitchen or bathroom really ties the room together and can be personalized to your individual design. Everyone has been loving the look of geometric shapes. From simple yet effective monochrome triangles to intricate lines and patterns, these features can make a big difference in the kitchen. If you want to go for something different, bright mosaic tiles look really unique.


2021 will most certainly be marked by the arrival, or better said, the return of marble to bathroom décor design. Being a delicate and elegant material, marble keeps counting more fans due to the luxurious look it gives to the room. If you want to add your bathroom a grasp of glamour, decorate it with marble. The only thing you should be careful of if you opt for marble, are the details. Although marble can sometimes give a slight feeling of coldness, you can always warm it up with small details.

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