4 Kitchen Countertop Ideas To Inspire Your Remodeling Creativity

Catching the bug to remodel your kitchen is the first step of a very exciting journey. Once you realize that you’re tired of the way that your current kitchen looks, you open up a whole world of possibilities regarding how to change it.

This first step is where many people get stuck, though. It’s inspiring to get the urge to remodel, but a lot of our clients don’t know where to go from there. If you don’t have a background in interior design or contracting, then you might not know the first thing about kitchen countertop styles, designs, or materials. This puts a damper on the thrilling idea of getting a whole new look for your kitchen and turns it into a chore. Or, even worse, it puts you off of the project entirely.

Marble Granite World is here to help. We don’t want you getting stuck or losing gumption for your kitchen remodel—we want to help you achieve your dream design. In order to create the kitchen that you’re envisioning, to make your dreams reality, you have to become familiar with what’s out there. If you don’t know what there is to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin.

This article will give you four ideas for your kitchen countertop that can transform your kitchen into a room that you’ll never want to leave.

1. High-Quality Quartz

Using a light-colored quartz shade for the countertops and upper cabinets, contrasted with a dark color for the lower cabinets, creates an effect that makes the room seem much bigger than it actually is. The reflective quality of all of these materials—countertops included—will only add to the size factor of the room.

Marble Granite World can help you achieve this classic mirror trick by supplying high-quality quartz and pairing its shade perfectly with whatever color cabinetry that you choose.

2. Statement Marble

Since marble is an expensive stone, we understand that our customers who are on a budget tend to shy away from it. There are ways around the price point, though, and it’s by utilizing marble as a statement piece in your kitchen instead of coating the room in it.

Picking a bold pattern for your marble backsplash will automatically draw people’s eyes to the beautiful stone. You can tie this look together by using the same pattern on the kitchen island, which will complement the backsplash and bring the room together.

By keeping the rest of your kitchen simple and solid and making the statement marble the stand-out piece, you will turn the room from drab and dull into something hip and exciting.

We can make this happen for your kitchen because we are experts in marble and would love to help you find a pattern that matches what you have in mind. If you bring in color samples from the rest of your kitchen, we can take you through our showroom and find what works best.

3. Black Granite

The great thing about granite is that it goes well with so many other materials. By utilizing black granite for your countertops, you open up a world of possibilities for the rest of your kitchen—black goes with everything!

Picture black granite for the countertops, pale wood for the kitchen island with a leathered finish, and gray cabinets to tie in the neutrality of the room. If you’re looking for something that’s subtle and the furthest thing from loud, then this is a great design choice for you.

Black granite goes best in a home with more modern decor, but MGW can make it work for any of our clients. If it’s what you have in mind, then we can do it—since we are well-versed in granite and supply the best around.

4. Marble Waterfall

Even though marble is an expensive stone, we just can’t stay away from how beautiful it is. Installing a waterfall island in your kitchen means that the marble counter hangs over, reaching the floor to provide the wow factor for sure.

It brings people’s attention directly to the marble, acting as the statement piece in the room. Marble Granite World can outfit this island with a second sink, drawers, and cabinets to make sure that it’s pretty and functional.

No matter your proclivities when it comes to kitchen countertop remodeling ideas, we are here to help your vision come to life.

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