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6 Things to Look for in a Kitchen Countertop Installer

A professional countertop install is essential for any stone countertop because the materials are extremely heavy and should not be handled by amateurs. In order to make sure those countertops last for years into the future, you need the best kitchen countertop installer to place them.

Here you’ll find a list of six things to look for in a kitchen countertop installer. These six things will let you know that you’re working with the best of the best, and that you’re hiring someone who you can trust.

1. Credentials and insurance

Your kitchen countertop installer should have the right insurance and credentials in order to complete the job—because kitchen countertop installation isn’t easy! Accidents do happen (while they may be rare) and your installer should have coverage. A good countertop installer is guaranteed to be insured, bonded, screened, background checked, licensed, and certified.

2. A portfolio

Before you hire a kitchen countertop installer, take a look at their portfolio to make sure their previous work is up to your standards. If the installer isn’t willing to show you their past work, that’s often a sign that their services aren’t up to par, and you should avoid them at all costs.

3. Your desired products

If you’ve been dreaming about a specific type of stone for your kitchen countertop, then the right installer will have that stone in stock. You shouldn’t work with someone who can’t supply what you need. Ask suppliers what they have and see if it coincides with what you’re planning for your kitchen.

4. Quality technology

The technology that the installers use should also meet your standards. Look for things like computerized digital templates (these make sure that your countertop will fit absolutely perfectly), and the latest equipment for cutting stone. New and updated technology lowers the risk for errors and damage to the stone, which also lessens waste.

5. Honesty

You should feel comfortable with the team who’s installing your kitchen countertop, and they should never be anything less than open and honest. You should always feel free to ask questions and know that your installer will give you an honest but friendly answer. If you have concerns during the installation process, or before or after it, there’s no one better to calm your nerves than the installer. They’re there to give you honest advice!

6. Punctuality

Everyone’s schedules are important, but when you hire an installer, they are obligated to show up at the promised appointment time—that means there should be no guesswork surrounding when they start the job. You’ll know if an installer will show up for a job on time if they show up for measurements when they promise to. If they are late to measurements or if they fail to double-check those measurements, you might benefit from choosing another installer.

The Best Kitchen Countertop Installer

When it comes to a professional countertop install, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the very best. At Marble Granite World, our installers offer premier services that go unmatched everywhere else. To get started on your countertop install, give us a call today at (336) 992-5214.

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