Modern fireplace with granite surround

Best Natural Stone for Modern Fireplace

Looking to add an elegant, natural touch to your fireplace? Today’s homeowners are opting for natural stone finishes for a modern fireplace. If you’re searching for a contemporary look for your fireplace, natural stone slabs are the way to go. The sleek texture and patterns provide an upscale look for everyday use and for special occasions.

Your fireplace is the focal point of your room. And you’ll want to take advantage of the space to add as much beauty as possible. The right natural stone application will make your fireplace look spectacular year-round, not just during colder weather when it’s used the most. Natural stone slabs can be used for several fireplace applications.

  • Fireplace surround
  • Fireplace hearth
  • Fireplace mantel / shelves
  • Floor-to-ceiling applications

Marble Fireplace Surrounds

Marble is an excellent choice for a fireplace surround. Any ambient heat produced by the fire won’t harm the marble. And the vertical application is the perfect way to show off the stunning natural beauty of a natural marble slab.

Carrara and Calacatta marbles work especially well for gas fireplaces. Neutral whites and greys are popular choices because they work with any surrounding decor. Carrara has more uniform gradation in its surface pattern. Calacatta has larger, broader veining, which showcases well in floor-to-ceiling applications.

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Granite Fireplace Surrounds

Granite is a low-maintenance stone that resists wear, abrasions, and heavy traffic use. It’s also easy to keep clean, which can make it ideal for wood-burning fireplaces. Granite won’t stain from soot or grime, and it’s naturally bacteria resistant.

Quartz Fireplace Surrounds

Quartz combines the best of both worlds for a modern-living fireplace. Quartz slabs contain added resin and pigments for hardness and color durability. So, the surface is much less likely to crack or scratch. Furthermore, quartz is maintenance free; needs no polishing or resealing; and can easily clean with a warm, soapy cloth. For these reasons, quartz works well for both natural wood and gas log fireplaces.  Just keep in mind that quartz is not heat-proof, so you will need to make sure that your fireplace surround is not susceptible to overheating if you decide to use quartz for that area. When in doubt, consult our professionals at Marble Granite World.

Limestone Fireplace Surrounds

Add a touch of timeless, old-world charm to your modern fireplace with limestone. This natural stone is low maintenance, highly durable, and affordable. Limestone is available in many neutral colors to coordinate with a variety of home decor. You’ll also find unique designs as well as bolder patterns and warm and cool color variations that will make your fireplace the focus of any room. The more ornate the pattern, the more movement and interest is added to your space.

Porcelain Fireplace Surrounds

Last but not least, porcelain is another elegant choice to showcase around a fireplace. Although not a natural stone, porcelain is now being manufactured in large slabs that can be used to dress shower walls and fireplace surrounds. The slabs are designed to mimic the natural looks of many marbles and granites. The added benefit of porcelain versus natural stone is that it comes in 1cm thickness, versus natural stone which is accessible in 2cm or 3cm thickness. For a clean, modern, elegant look, porcelain is the way to go!  To see porcelain in action, stop by our new showroom where we have a floor-to-ceiling porcelain slab on display as wall decor.

Planning Your Fireplace Surround

Just as there are many different natural stone options for your modern fireplace, you’ll also find many fireplace designs that will fit your needs. Some fireplaces consist of just the hearth and a surround that is topped with a mantel. Other designs carry the feature all the way to the ceiling. Still, other fireplaces may have a picture frame look (surrounded on all four sides) or have a cut-out look that is more open to the room (only surrounded on three sides).

Whatever your design is, we can install natural stone that gives you the modern look you want.

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