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How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost? (Five Factors)

One of the questions that comes to mind when considering granite countertops is “how much do granite countertops cost?” While we can’t provide an exact price in this blog post, we can explain the five main factors that influence the price of your granite countertop project.

Source of Granite

Granite is sourced globally and with this global marketplace comes challenges in mining, manufacturing, and transportation. The more difficult it is to complete any of these steps, the more granite is likely to cost. For example, if granite is mined with less sophisticated machines due to a country’s economics or if the political climate in a country is difficult and makes exports a challenge, the cost of your final granite countertop project could be higher.

Design or Look of Granite

Some granite includes fossils or large “veins” of complimentary or contrasting minerals. Other granite might include flecks of other minerals like mica. The more intricate or complex a granite slab looks can impact the price of your granite countertops.

Demand for Granite

Granite is sold around the globe and if there is a smaller than expected number of slabs from a mine, this low number can contribute to higher prices for granite countertops. Also, if a lot of homeowners want the same granite in their homes and supply cannot keep up with this demand, the price of granite for your kitchen or bath could be higher.

Installation Complexity

If your kitchen or bathroom have many dimensional changes, turns around cabinets, intersections with window casing, or severe changes in level, this contributes to more time on the job. Fabricating and installing can impact the price of granite countertops.

Choice of Edge Detail

Choosing a more complicated edge detail for your granite countertops can increase the price of granite countertops. Some edge details take more time and are more complex than others, this extra time increases the price of your granite countertop job.

Have More Questions?

In the end, we’ll do everything possible to ensure your decision to trust us to install granite, marble, or quartz countertops in your home will be a positive one. If you any questions about the process, pricing, materials, or installation, just use this form.