Looking for Stone Countertops on a Budget

From countertops to tabletops and everything in between, it’s entirely possible to incorporate natural stone into your home, even on a budget. It can be bold or subtle. It can be full of vibrant color or subdued. 

Size of Material

The costs of natural stones are often determined based on the stone’s origins, the minerals in it, and how abundant it is. Because some natural stones are more abundant and accessible than others, they may be less expensive than a rarer stone. Typically, homeowners decide on things like their island size or cabinet layout first, when it might make more sense financially to think about the type of natural stone they’d like to incorporate into the space. This would eliminate questions like: Is the natural stone they’d like for the island available as a raw material in that size? What about the seam placement for the countertop? Homeowners look at things like edge details, type of sink installation, thickness and finish of the stone, mitered waterfall edges, full height backsplashes, and cutouts. Beyond these decisions, the most important one that will impact your budget will be the type of natural stone you choose. Reversing the timeline and thinking about natural stone first can help not only elevate the space but can be more budget-friendly in the long run.

Placement Throughout the House

Countertops are often the first place one thinks of using natural stone in the kitchen, but the backsplash is another opportunity to showcase your creativity. Because the backsplash is a smaller surface area, it can be less expensive to use natural stone here—and because this area receives less direct contact than a countertop, more varieties of stone can be used here. In some cases, the same stone can be used for both the countertop and backsplash. A backsplash can create a beautiful, clean, and classic look which is also easy to keep clean and there is no need for grout which provides another level of cost-savings.

Highlight Small Spaces

Remnants can be a budget-friendly option for small spaces where full slabs are not needed. Be aware that if you have a decent amount of material to cover, full slabs are a better option to choose to ensure that they match each other and allow you a better selection of material from which to choose. The use of natural stone in small amounts can be very effective and dramatic if they’re located in high-visibility areas. For example, incorporating a natural stone tile backsplash in a kitchen or even for table tops, fireplace surrounds, cutting boards or serving pieces for entertaining, shows off that luxurious look a homeowner might be craving without it necessarily adding a lot to the overall cost of the project. 

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