Dedicated Kitchen Surfaces for Food Prep

Are you designing your dream kitchen? Today’s homeowners are including dedicated kitchen surfaces for food prep, such as chopping, slicing, kneading, baking, and more. Designers are also opting for specialized areas within the kitchen for their clients. Let’s look at how this new trend can work for you.

Think of your kitchen as a work area, which it often is. How do you use your kitchen? And what food preparation will you be doing? Think of each space in your kitchen as a separate workspace, and design it around that purpose. Here are some considerations:

  • Will you need to vary the counter height?
  • Will the task require a different work surface?
  • Will you need different task lighting?

While Marble Granite world doesn’t provide all of these services, they certainly go hand in hand to create the proper working kitchen.

Kitchen Surfaces for Food Prep: Chopping

If you plan on whipping up a lot of meals, you’ll want to consider the right surfaces for chopping. Sure, it’s simple to pull out an old chopping board. But what about incorporating natural stone into your kitchen counter surfaces?

You can chop, slice, and dice right on the surface of most granites and some other natural stones. Even the most sophisticated kitchen knives won’t put a dent in your granite countertop. Plus, natural stone is super easy to clean. Just wipe it down with soap and water when you’re finished! Your guests will be amazed at your creativity when it comes to kitchen design and function.

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Kitchen Surfaces for Food Prep: Baking

If baking is your passion, then you can have the same conveniences as any professional pastry chef. Consider installing a lower-height marble countertop (about two to three inches lower) than the rest of your countertop surfaces. When you mix, knead, roll, decorate, and manipulate dough, having the leverage of a lower surface will be more ergonomic and comfortable for your back, shoulders, and arms.

Be sure to place your baking station within the vicinity of your supplies. Mixing bowls, mixer, rolling pins, and other essential equipment should be within easy reach without additional crowding. You may also want to consider a step-down counter height on your kitchen island for the task. And if you’re short on space, consider a roll-away island with a marble top. We’ve got many remnants for that sort of thing here at Marble Granite World!

In addition, marble is an ideal surface for baking and pastry arts. Made of calcium carbonate, natural marble contains ‘built-in,’ anti-caking capabilities. Marble also has a naturally cool surface that doesn’t conduct heat. So, butter and dough can be kept at the proper temperatures, and it prevents dough from sticking to the surface while you work.

Just remember that although marble is great for kneading and rolling dough, it’s not suitable for chopping and dicing. Marble is a much softer stone than granite, and as such is more susceptible to scratching from sharp objects.

Increase Functionality with Different Surfaces

Variety is the new kitchen design aesthetic. Today’s homeowners are incorporating more variety in kitchen materials and countertop heights while planning and decorating. By adding a few dedicated kitchen surfaces for your food prep activities, you make your kitchen more versatile and functional—both when in use and when not in use.

And if an entire kitchen of marble is not affordable to you, then a single, dedicated baking space with a marble countertop will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. No matter what your taste, style, and budget is, we can help you design a kitchen that will suit your purposes and continue to look fantastic for many years to come.

Marble Granite World carries a wide variety of premium natural stone slabs as well as lesser expensive remnants for smaller applications. Isn’t it time to redesign your kitchen? Shop our in-store selection today.

Go ahead, take all of the credit! We don’t mind.


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