DIY Countertop Installation: Why You’ll Wish You Called the Pros First

When you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, getting a new countertop is one of the most exciting parts. A countertop can change the entire look of the room, along with amping up the functionality of the space.

But it’s no secret that investing in high-quality countertops is a big undertaking. Long-lasting materials aren’t cheap, and if you’re trying to figure out a way to afford the countertop of your dreams, you might be thinking of ways to cut corners.

A tactic that many people gravitate toward is the practice of installing countertops themselves. While we can see why this would be tempting, it’s not something that our team at Marble Granite World can recommend. Installing your own countertops, DIY style, can pose a variety of risks and challenges for a nonprofessional. It can impact your wallet, the integrity of your countertop, and the quality of your remodel as a whole.

We put together this article in order to share why you should always call in the professionals.

Professional Countertop Installation

When you have a professional installer doing the job, you can rest easy knowing that they are trained and experienced and understand the nature of countertops and how to handle them.

If you try to install countertops on your own and aren’t sure what you’re doing, you could end up damaging the material that you’ve invested money in. And the difference between you accidentally damaging your countertop slab and a professional accidentally damaging it is notable. You will have to pay for your own damages out of pocket, but a professional will cover their mishaps without charging you.

Your countertop slab isn’t all that’s in danger during an amateur installation. If you’re not careful, you could also end up injuring yourself. Most countertop materials are extremely heavy, and if someone inexperienced tries to maneuver them incorrectly, it could end badly—not only for the slab, but for the person handling it.

Most all countertop installers have liability insurance in order to protect them (and you) from accidents like this during a job. That’s not a luxury you have when you take care of an installation on your own.

A Job Done Right

Having a professional installer take care of your countertop does more than prevent accidents and injury. It also ensures that your countertop will get installed the right way on the first try.

Countertop installation is a more complex process than many homeowners realize. If you’re not sure of the exact steps that go into a perfect job, then you might make expensive mistakes.

If you install your own countertops, you could end up with unlevel surfaces or incorrect grout lines. These issues will lead to a myriad of headaches down the road, and the costs of those headaches will continue to add up.

Other Mistakes

Unfortunately, there are more possible (and likely) mistakes that a DIY countertop installer may run into. These mistakes include the following:

  • Getting measurements wrong.
      • If this happens, you’ll be forced to spend money to reorder slabs that fit your space.
  • Not accounting for movement of the wall and sink.
      • This could also cause you to get measurements wrong, which will add more money to your bill.
  • Ordering mismatched slabs.
      • While it’s true that some people order different slabs on purpose, if this is done by mistake by DIYers, you’ll have to start the process over again to get the correct color.
  • Underestimating the time and effort.
    • If you are not an experienced installer, the project is likely to take much longer than you anticipated. Unlike DIYers, professionals don’t have to check manuals and guides for every step of the process—they can move through it fluidly and save time.

Call the Professionals

In the end, trying to follow through on a tactic that you thought could save money will probably end up costing you more. In order to get the highest quality installation where your countertop slab is treated with care and precision, avoid the DIY urge. Instead, call in the professionals—we’ll get the job done right.

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