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Do Granite Countertops Really Release Radon into People’s Homes?

There’s no denying the natural beauty and lasting popularity of granite countertops. For many years, they’ve been the top choice for homes across the nation—and the demand continues to grow.

But a rumor began, stating that since granite is mined from the earth, it comes with an inevitable amount of radon that is released into your home after installation. Radon is a gas that can make you and your family very sick, so it’s no wonder people took these rumors seriously.

The Good News

The good news is that if you have granite countertops installed, or if you’re considering them for your home, there’s no need to be worried. Researchers have since taken back most of the allegations about granite surrounding radon and said they are now baseless. It’s very unlikely that your granite countertop, or any other granite in your home, can harm you.

While no current regulations exist that require your granite countertops to be tested for such emissions, you can always order them done by your local professional in order to achieve total peace of mind. But please note that, since granite is a natural material, it may give off trace amounts of radon—but this minuscule amount is not enough to hurt you.

Radon Levels

The tiny amounts of radon that some slabs of granite may emit is nowhere near enough threat to the health of you and your family. Many fabricators, Marble Granite World included, will tell you that these levels aren’t even enough to be noticeable.

To learn more about the levels of radon in granite, you can visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website. There you’ll see that it’s true that granite countertops and granite products do possess a scant amount of radioactive material and uranium, but the amount is so low that it poses no risk at all to humans that enjoy these materials in their home.

The EPA has reported receiving calls from a few concerned people who wanted to know if they were at risk because of their granite countertop. Luckily, the EPA told them the same thing that we’re telling you now. While the compound may be present, the levels are so low that they’re nearly undetectable. You are completely safe.

Enjoying Your Granite

If you have granite in your home, there’s no reason to stop enjoying it. If you’re considering installing granite, there’s no reason to stop considering it. There’s nothing to fear about granite countertops—but if you’re still concerned about radon levels, you can always purchase a test kit to check the radon levels yourself.

If you’re still not satisfied, we recommend getting in touch with a professional radon inspector or your local radon mitigation expert.

But to learn more about granite in general, Marble Granite World is the company to call.

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