Celebrity Homes with Beautiful Granite Countertops

Five Celebrity Homes with Beautiful Granite Countertops

We’ve put together a list of five well-known celebrities with granite countertops installed in their homes. If you’re on the fence about choosing granite and need that one last push over the edge, this article might be what you’re looking for.

Granite is a well-known natural stone that boasts durability, versatility, beauty, and strength. It lasts for many years, and it doesn’t require much maintenance. These are qualities the five celebrities in this article truly valued.

Keep reading to see if your favorite celeb has granite countertops in their home—maybe the two of you have similar tastes!

1. Debra Messing

What she’s known for:

  • Playing the role of Grace in Will & Grace
  • Playing the role of Kat in The Wedding Date

Even though brown granite is pretty popular right now, Debra Messing decided to change things up and outfit her kitchen with black granite. This black granite makes a statement in her New York City home, creating sleek silhouettes and encouraging an all-around elegant feel for the room. Paired with white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances, this black granite was a great choice.

2. Penelope Cruz

What she’s known for:

  • Playing the role of Graciela in The 355
  • Playing the role of Angelica in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  • Voicing the role of Juarez in G-Force

While Penelope Cruz no longer lives in this California home with its granite countertops, we couldn’t resist adding it to the list. With a kitchen full of medium-dark wood, her granite countertops stood out in a wonderful way with stainless steel appliances and an all-around “classic” look in her previous kitchen.

3. Buddy Valastro

What he’s known for:

  • Owning Carlo’s Bakery on Cake Boss

We are not surprised in the slightest that Buddy Valastro enjoys granite countertops. After all, his life revolves around baking, and granite is known as a countertop that stays cool. There’s no better surface for Buddy to roll out dough on or make intricate candy pieces for one of his amazing cakes.

4. Neil Patrick Harris

What he’s known for:

  • Playing the role of Barney in How I Met Your Mother

Neil Patrick Harris utilized granite in his kitchen by installing a uniquely shaped granite island. Not only does Neil’s countertop look great, but it’s also a great place for his family to gather. With twelve-year-old twins Harper and Gideon, Neil and his husband have their hands full—the last thing they need to worry about is the state of their countertops, and granite is a hardy, durable stone that takes no issue with preteens and their antics.

5. Daniel Radcliffe

What he’s known for:

  • Playing the role of Harry in the Harry Potter series

Daniel Radcliffe lives in a corner apartment in New York City, where he has both granite and marble countertops. He enjoys a view of the New York Harbor, and we bet the sunlight that comes into his kitchen is gorgeous as it shines off the sparkling granite.

Is Granite for You?

Granite countertops helped these celebrities’ kitchens come together in a major way. If you’re interested in beautifying your space in the same manner, get in touch with Marble Granite World today!

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