choosing the right material for my kitchen counters

How Do I Know Which Material Is the Right Fit for My Kitchen?

When it comes to choosing your perfect kitchen countertop, you’ve got tons of options. Before you go making any hasty decisions, we think it’s important to know what you’re looking for. To get that information, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions surrounding your countertop preferences.

First off, what is the general aesthetic you’re going for? Are you looking for a crisp, bright countertop, or something rustic and dark? Aesthetic preferences are a major player when it comes to finding something you love.

Secondly, how much maintenance are you willing to do? Some materials require more care and upkeep than others, and you don’t want a finicky material if you’re not interested in looking after it.

Third, does durability matter? If you’ve got a busy household full of rambunctious kids, marble might not be your first choice, but quartz might be a good option.

And lastly, what’s your budget? It’s always important to consider what you’re willing to pay.

If all of these questions seem intimidating, don’t worry. We’re here to guide you through them.


The appearance of your countertop is important. After all, that’s what makes its first impression.

A few of our most popular countertop types include the following:


Granite slabs are elegant, modern, and durable. They are gorgeous countertops that take the heat of the kitchen and don’t scratch easily. If you’re looking for a natural stone that has both beauty and brawn, granite is the best choice. Another perk: they come in a wide variety of patterns and colorations, so the chances of finding a slab that gels with your kitchen are very high.


Marble is not as delicate as it may seem, but it does need more upkeep than other countertop materials simply because it’s softer and more porous than most. But at Marble Granite World, we think that its sensitivity is a small price to pay for its stunning beauty. After all, it’s still very heat resistant! You just have to be careful with scratching and etching this material.


Quartz is our beloved engineered stone, made with natural quartz base, polymers, and resins. The additives in quartz countertops seal its pores, which many people find favorable. Because it’s nonporous, you don’t have to seal it and it’s easy to keep clean. One thing to make note of is the fact that, because resins are a type of plastic, quartz countertops are not as heat resistant as natural stones.

Details to Consider

Other details to consider include your lifestyle—how much do you plan on using your new countertop? Maintenance—how much work are you willing to put in? And budget—how much are you willing to pay? Once you answer these questions and understand the options in front of you, you’ll be closer than ever to finding the material that’s right for your kitchen.

Creating Your Perfect Kitchen

At Marble Granite World, we want to make your dreams a reality, and we can make it happen by helping you find a countertop material that is perfect for you. To get started on your project, give us a call at (336) 992-5214.

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