How Much Should You Budget for Your Kitchen Countertops, Backsplashes and Flooring?

The entire cost of your remodeling project depends on how many renovations you want to do. A minor remodel may include things like cabinet refacing, new appliances, freshly painted walls, new countertops and new flooring. On average, a minor remodel costs about $20,800.

Meanwhile, a major remodel involves a complete overhaul of your existing kitchen. You will probably replace all of your lighting, flooring and appliances. This kind of remodeling project may include semi-custom cabinetry, new countertops and an island. You may want new appliances like a deep sink and garbage disposal. Major remodels generally include freshly painted walls and custom lighting. Altogether, these projects typically cost about $62,200.

For your kitchen to look its best, you need to make sure your remodeling project goes according to plan. One way you can do this is by creating a clear, reasonable budget for your countertops, backsplash and flooring. By planning ahead for these costs, you can make sure your project is finished within your budget.

granite countertops

On average, kitchen countertops should make up about 10 percent of your budget. These countertops may be used for your kitchen islands or your lower cabinets. Depending on what your home decor looks like, you may want granite, quartz or marble countertops. While laminate counters are the cheapest option, they are more likely to become damaged. Overall, you can expect to pay $1,866 to $4,106 on average.

The typical homeowner will spend $950 to get a backsplash installed. You will generally pay $400 to $600 for every 16 square feet of backsplash, but this does not include the labor costs. If you use cheap ceramic, you may spend as little as $300 to $400. For high-quality backsplashes, you may pay $650 to $1,000 to cover the same area.

In general, most homeowners spend 2 to 5 percent of their budget on kitchen flooring. The overall cost depends on the material you choose. If you get granite flooring to match your granite countertops, you will spend more than you would have to spend on laminate floors. Tile, stone, hardwood and slate flooring are generally more expensive, but these beautiful floors also add value to your home.

While you can spend up to $20 to $30 per square foot on high-end flooring, cheap vinyl or laminate may cost just $1 per square foot. As you might expect, the quality of your flooring correlates to how long it lasts. If you want long-lasting, high-quality results, you will generally want to spend a little more.

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