How to Have a Successful Countertop Consultation

How to make your countertop consultation as successful as possible

The very first step in the process of purchasing countertops is your consultation with your Sales & Design Associate! Here at Marble Granite World, we offer free in-person consultations. These initial consultations help get the process started on your new project!


Initial Project Consultation

If you’re looking to renovate an existing project or building new construction, what is the best way to have a successful consultation for countertops? Below we have outlined some of the best tips to follow when preparing to visit Marble Granite World. These steps will help not only you, but also your sales associate have the most seamless consultation possible.

Steps to consider:

  • Step 1: Make sure to take the most accurate measurements of your kitchen or bathroom as possible! The best way to measure a kitchen by yourself is to measure along the back of the countertops, typically where the backsplash meets the countertop. The longest measurements possible help ensure that the Marble Granite World sales staff is quoting you the most accurate square footage price possible.  Check out our DIY guide on how to measure your countertops!
  • Step 2: Before leaving the house, take some pictures! A visual representation is always helpful to your sales staff, so that they can see the space and understand different angles, placements, and more. This also helps show how much light your space receives. All of our slabs are located outside, in direct sunlight, so keeping in mind the lighting in the kitchen/bathroom is very important.
  • Step 3: If possible, bring any samples you have with you! A cabinet door, a tile sample, a flooring piece, a paint swatch; all of these are incredibly helpful for both yourself and your sales associate when determining the best countertops for your space! It allows the Marble Granite staff to have a solid understanding of the aesthetic of the space. Inspiration pictures from Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or another website can also help us find the best countertop for your space.
  • Step 4: Have a rough budget in mind that you do not mind disclosing with your sales staff. Especially if you are working on a small project, such as bathroom vanity, a budget can help the staff find the perfect piece for your space. Budgets are incredibly important, as they help us find you the best look in the best price range and they reduce the sticker shock after receiving a quote.
  • Step 5: Think about the material for the space. We carry marble, granite, quartzite, and quartz. There are certain stones that are better for certain projects. For example, we recommend granite, quartzite, or quartz for a high-traffic kitchen, since marble is a soft and porous stone. The Marble Granite World sales staff is happy to provide information and guidance about which stone will work best for your project!
  • Step 6: Make sure that you are thinking about the time frame! From the time you pay a deposit, Marble Granite World has about a 7 – 10 business day turnaround. When you’re planning this time frame, make sure you are keeping in mind other parts of the project – have the cabinets been delivered and secured? Is the flooring done? It’s important to keep in mind the time frame not only of the countertops, but the rest of your renovation or new construction as well.
  • Step 7: Think big picture! When you’re thinking about your space, make sure you are envisioning it as a whole! Projects always have things that are overlooked – does your bathroom vanity have a mirror that rests directly on the backsplash? Do you have an existing tile backsplash in your kitchen? Are you planning to remove that?


Granite Kitchen Island Gray Cabinets

Multiple Consultations

These seven steps are some of the most helpful tips for your initial consultation, however, multiple consultations are normal! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have everything solidified down by the first appointment. These steps are just to help you have the most successful first appointment possible. Most projects require multiple consultations to ensure the best finished product, that you will love for a long time!

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