How to Protect Your Natural Stone Countertops

While natural stone countertops are not entirely maintenance-free, they do offer more durability and longevity than most man-made countertop options.  Let’s look at the following quick, simple tips to keep your natural stone as new as the first day it was installed.

1. The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your natural stone has been sealed.
Keep in mind that Engineered Quartz does not require sealer. Your countertops may already come with its first coat of sealer when it’s installed. It’s always best to double check with the fabricator. Here at Marble Granite World, all of our countertops are automatically sealed with a one-year sealer prior to installation. However, we offer 15-year sealer as an optional add-on for customers who don’t want to worry about resealing year after year. If your granite or marble countertop has not yet been sealed, you’ll want to purchase a sealer at your local home goods store. Follow the directions on the container and repeat as directed. Be sure to reseal your natural stone countertops as needed to keep it looking as fantastic as the day you had it installed.

2. Avoid strong or abrasive chemicals when cleaning and protecting your natural stone countertops.
Instead of a typical kitchen cleaner, you can use a specially formulated natural stone cleaner or simply use warm, soapy water to keep the finish clean. Just be sure to not allow your stone cleaner or soapy water to soak into the surface. Formulated cleaners are both gentle and effective for everyday cleaning, whereas abrasive chemicals such as bleach and ammonia can damage the surface of the stone. At Marble Granite World, we recommend avoiding the following cleaners when caring for your natural stone countertops.

Abrasive powders
Acidic cleaners

Wipe up any spills immediately. Most natural stone is very porous and is prone to absorbing liquids or other colored or pigmented products if they are allowed to sit on the surface. Fortunately, sealer is designed to protect against such spills. Even with your countertops sealed, it is best practice to clean up spills immediately. Here are some common items that may cause staining, particularly on unsealed natural stone countertops.

Makeup: powders and liquids
Nail polish
Fruit juice
Citrus fruits
Wet sponges or towels

3. Use common sense when working on or around your natural stone countertops.
Natural stone countertops are durable and are generally able to resist damage. However, accidents can happen if you’re not careful. Your natural stone could become cracked or chipped if another heavy or dense item is dropped onto the surface or hits an edge. Avoid dropping or placing very heavy items on your stone countertops. Also avoid standing or sitting on your countertops. Your natural stone may be heat resistant; but, you still should use a hot pad under hot pans.If you find that your natural stone countertop is damaged, we recommend contacting a professional to make the proper repair. Depending on the damage, it may be able to be repaired close to the original condition.With these few simple care tips, you can keep your natural stone countertops looking good as new. Feel free to contact us with any care and maintenance questions you may have.

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