Is Less Expensive Granite Lower Quality than More Expensive Granite?

Granite is a type of natural stone that is a popular choice for in-home applications, such as kitchen and bathroom countertops. Despite the general understanding of this type of stone’s benefits – durability, unique appearance, and low-maintenance – few people know the distinct differences between cheap granite and high-end granite.

Suppose you have an upcoming home remodeling project and are thinking about incorporating granite countertops into your design. In that case, you don’t want to waste your time or money on low-quality stone. Here are some ways to determine if the slabs you’re examining are cheap or high-end.

Three Grades of Granite

Granite falls into three categories:

  • Low-Grade: This type of stone doesn’t have much color variation, and it includes soft minerals, making the stone less durable than higher grades.
  • Mid-Grade: Granite in this category has more color and design options and more unique mineral patterns.
  • High-Grade: High-end granite is the best quality you can choose because of its one-of-a-kind colors and patterns that cannot be replicated.

Granite grading does not follow any specific industry standard, but slab origins, colors, thickness, and visible imperfections help fabricators separate them into appropriate categories.

How to Identify High-End Granite

With high-end granite, you can expect to see beautiful colors that you won’t see in lower grades, such as purples, blues, and reds. Low-grade and mid-grade granite colors tend to be in grays and beiges. High-end granites will also have unique vein patterns swirling throughout the stone.

Here are other ways to identify high-end granite:

  • Thickness: Cheap-quality slabs are usually thinner than high-end stones. The more delicate cuts reduce the stone’s durability. If you want a high-end granite countertop, look for stones at least one inch thick.
  • Imperfections: Your high-end granite should not have any dings, scratches, or cracks. These imperfections reduce the stone’s strength and durability. Even small damage can become a significant problem, so look for smooth stone countertops without damage.
  • Polish: To ensure that your granite countertops have a high-quality polish, use a metallic item to scratch the surface. Low-quality granite will produce a mark when rubbed with a metal object.

Benefits of High-End Granite

Cheap granite countertops may be easier on your pocket, but they are not the best choice if you want beauty, uniqueness, and long-term use. High-end granite countertops offer superior durability, scratch-resistance, and stain-resistance that you cannot achieve with low-quality materials. With expert countertop fabrication techniques, your new countertops will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen or bathroom.

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