holiday kitchen makeover

Kitchen Makeover for the Holidays

Are you planning a holiday family get together? Maybe your kitchen is really showing its age. Or perhaps you just need to upgrade a few elements to get a fresh, vibrant look just in time for the upcoming holidays.

The time to start planning your holiday kitchen makeover is now. Likely, there are many other people that will want their kitchens complete by Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year’s Eve/Day. So, you’ll want to get on our installation schedule now—before Thanksgiving arrives.

Why Get a Holiday Kitchen Makeover?

Your kitchen is the central entertaining space of your home. It’s where you cook, where you eat, and where guests immediately gather. So, the last thing you want is a drab, dull, dark, boring kitchen.

Our clients have been thrilled with a new kitchen around the holidays. They have new spaces in which to eat, cook, and entertain. In fact, many clients have told us they love their spaces so much that they don’t want to leave the room!

A Holiday Kitchen Makeover for Every Budget

As with any other home makeover, you can certainly spend as much as you want. Or you can plan a makeover on a budget. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to add a new pop to your kitchen just in time for the holidays.

Countertops are your kitchen’s centerpiece! Marble Granite World stocks a large variety of natural stone countertops in several different price ranges. Marble and granite come in several different price levels, which means we have natural stone slabs that will provide the high-end look you want. And we also have stone slabs that will provide a high-end look on a budget.

And while you’re remodeling your kitchen with natural stone countertops, don’t forget about your bathrooms. Many homeowners take this opportunity to have matching natural stone countertops installed in their bathrooms as well. So, you can give your guest bathroom the same wonderful look as your kitchen and carry that style throughout your home. And it can all be installed in a single day!

Showstopper backsplash. Perhaps your current backsplash is simply painted like the rest of the walls. This leaves your paint susceptible to frequent splashes and splatters that can be difficult to clean. Solid, natural stone backsplashes are highly durable and so easy to keep clean. No scrubbing necessary!

Fresh paint. This can be done in a weekend, or in a day if you hire someone. Choose a neutral color or look online for some examples of kitchen colors you may like. Pay attention to how the colors work with the cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and floor.

So, if you’re dreaming of a new kitchen to celebrate your holidays, call us today so we can help you get started on the selection process.


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