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Making Sense of the Complex Marble Countertops Lingo

Marble is a highly sought-after countertop material because it’s not only beautiful but also stands the test of time with both style and durability. It’s a timeless natural stone that has the ability to tie any bathroom or kitchen together, and it will automatically grab your attention when you walk into the room.

With marble’s extraordinary beauty and durability also comes the right amount of care. It’s not a countertop that can take a beating—it’s an investment, and it should be treated as such. But if it’s properly maintained and sealed, it will last for years. If it’s not properly taken care of, unfortunately it can sustain permanent damage. But here at Marble Granite World, we want to make sure that isn’t the case for your marble countertop.

Our customers choose to utilize marble because it’s attractive—it sends the message that you care enough about your home to implement only the finest materials. While it shares the long-lasting qualities of granite and quartz, it’s stunning and unique on a level all its own.

The colors found in marble vary greatly—no two slabs are exactly the same. The contrast between the main color and the veining is what stands out to many people, and it’s a huge asset as an accent piece of a room.

There are many different aspects of marble to look into when considering installing it into your kitchen or bathroom, and it can be overwhelming to do so. Marble has a vocabulary all its own, and we’re here to clear up the lingo so you can be prepared when incorporating marble into your home.

Marble Lingo

Absorption Rate: The amount of water absorbed by a natural stone. When marble goes unsealed, its absorption rate is high, which is why you should always keep up on your sealant routines. 

Apron Front Sink: This refers to a sink that has a front panel sitting on a low cabinet. It allows the top of the sink to be level with the countertop.

Backsplash: This is situated on the wall under cabinetry and over the top trim of the countertop. It can be tile, stone, or marble, and it is put in place to protect your walls from splatter. Backsplashes can be great accent pieces for a room because they are eye catching and useful all at once.

Bevel: A slight angle on the edge of your countertop. This is one step between a harsh angle and a rounded edge.

Bullnose: The rounded edge of a countertop. This is helpful if you have small children who could easily bump their heads—or if you’re prone to clumsiness yourself!

Cook Top: Stove burners that sit directly on your countertop. This provides a seamless look that our customers love, especially those who spend a lot of time cooking.

Half-Bullnose: A countertop that has a rounded edge on only the top half of its surface.

Drain Board: A feature of a countertop that allows water to be drained directly into your sink. This can help keep your countertop free of stains and damage in the long run.

Drop-In Sink: When your sink’s rim sits on top of your countertop.

Gloss: The finish of your marble countertop—it usually includes a shiny and smooth surface.

Island: A piece of cabinetry that stands alone, usually in the middle of the kitchen, with its own slab of marble for the countertop.

Integral Sink: When your sink is made of the same materials as your countertop.

Matte: A smooth finish with no shine.

Miter: The place in a countertop where the countertop changes direction, usually located at a corner.

Ogee: An S curve around the edge of the countertop.

Sealing: The act of protecting your countertop from stains or damage by coating the material in a clear solvent.

Undermount Sink: A sink placed beneath the countertop’s surface.

Veining: The long lines that occur across natural stone, giving them unique characteristics and style.

Vessel Sink: A sink sitting atop the countertop.

Your Marble Countertop

Every marble countertop is different. Our team at Marble Granite World will make sure that yours is special—something that you and your family can take pride in. With further knowledge about marble and its stylistic vocabulary on your side, you’ll be better prepared when considering installing marble countertops into your home.

And, as always, we’re here to help if you have any questions regarding marble.

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