How to Measure Your Countertops

Here at Marble Granite World, our Sales Team is ready to provide you with a FREE QUOTE.  We offer turnkey products and services for your kitchen and bathroom remodels, such as sinks, faucets, other accessories, and plumbing services.

For the purpose of your FREE QUOTE, we ask that you provide our Sales Team with a rough sketch and rough measurements of your project space.  We have created a useful guide to help you understand how to take those measurements.  You can either send your sketch and measurements to us or book an appointment to visit us in-person.

Rest assured that one of our templating technicians will eventually visit your project site to create a digital template of your job using our state-of-the-art laser templating technology.

Of course, if your project is small and easy—and feel confident that you are capable of taking your own precise measurements—we will be happy to fabricate based off of your measurements.

DIY Guide
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117 W Keeling - Kitchen - Alchemist Honed and Illusion Matte Quartz 2