Practical Resale Ideas for Counters

Practical Resale Ideas for Counters – How to Choose Countertops When Considering Resale Value

If you’re looking for practical resale value, what color, pattern, and type of stone should you look at? How can you navigate what’s “trendy” while still thinking about the longevity of the color and style? We often help homeowners who are looking to renovate a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room that come to our showroom with questions just like these. This blog post can help you think about practical resale ideas for counters when considering your next purchase!

We frequently hear questions such as “Do you think this stone type will resale well?” or “Do you think this color will be popular in the near future, since this may not be our forever home?” It can be daunting to think about the longevity of a natural stone countertop and wondering if it will still be considered in fashion or trendy in five to ten years. We understand that purchasing stone (no matter the size of the project) is an investment for homeowners, and we want to ensure that homeowners pick stones that they love while in their home, but can still transition for resale value.

The number one piece of advice we would give homeowners when looking to purchase stone with resale in mind, is to keep it as neutral as possible. Solid, neutral colors can appeal to potential home buyers because of the versatility of the color when matching it to the rest of the room. A classic white countertop never goes out of style, especially when you consider how long colors like White Carrara marble have been used in indoor and outdoor architecture throughout history. A solid white, grey, or black countertop pairs well with all kinds of colored cabinets, paint, wallpaper, hardware, and light fixtures! Classic, clean, solid/semi-solid colors are beautiful in all types of homes, from ultra-modern to a historic farmhouse.

In regards to stone types, rest assured that natural stones such as granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, and quartz (which is recycled natural stone) are all timeless options. Unlike their non-natural counterparts, natural stone countertops never go in and out of fashion. In fact, granite, quartz, and marble countertops are always viewed as high-end, luxury countertop materials. Other surfaces such as Corian, laminate, cultured marble, and butcher block do not resale well as they are not nearly as versatile and durable as natural stone. 

Typically, the countertops are one of the more difficult projects for homeowners to tackle when renovating a home. Painting the walls of cabinet and changing the cabinet hardware can completely change a kitchen or bathroom, and can be done by future owners of your home relatively easily. However, picking out your next countertops is not a decision you want to change your mind about in a few years. Thinking about other elements within the room can help when thinking about making the countertop purchase. Questions such as “would this stone work well with different paint/hardware/flooring?” can help you choose a stone with resale value. Our sales team here at Marble Granite World is full of well-experienced design experts who will happily guide you through the process of picking out the right natural stone tops for your space.

Many potential home owners hesitate to purchase homes if they know they’ll need to change out old countertops soon after moving in, which is why taking care of these upgrades prior to selling your home will only help it sell faster! Remember, the simpler the better. The more complex or exotic the pattern of the stone, the more difficult it can be to appeal to new homeowners. Bold, exotic patterns can limit the potential resale, as it may appeal to a specific client, but can be difficult for mass appeal. 

We want all homeowners to love the stone they choose, so make sure that when thinking about resale value, you’re choosing a stone that you’ll be happy with while you still live in the home! Keep these tips and advice in mind when thinking about choosing a stone for your upcoming project, but don’t limit yourself. The stone options are limitless, and there’s bound to be a natural or engineered stone that you can enjoy while you live in the home, and can be great for resale value! 


Tips and Advice:

  • Go as neutral as possible! Avoid flashy colors.
  • Clean, solid colors pair easier with different colored cabinets, hardware, and light fixtures, giving the future owners of your home the flexibility to play with hardware, light fixtures, and wall colors.
  • Try to avoid extremely dramatic patterns or colors.
  • If you want movement in the stone, try to find something that is consistent throughout.
  • Light and bright is always best! Dark colors tend to come in and out of style. 
  • Granite, quartz, quartzite, and certain harder marbles are great options for versatility and durability, compared to other non-natural surface options that are currently on the market.
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