New Countertop, New Sink?

New Countertop, New Sink? The Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Old Sink

While Marble Granite World can’t tell you what to do with your kitchen (and we never would), we can give you plenty of advice on the subject.

In this article, you’ll find some signs that you might need to replace your old sink (so you might as well do it when you get a new countertop), and the pros and cons of keeping your old one.

Is It Time to Replace My Sink?

It might be time to replace your kitchen sink if you notice any of the following:

The need for repairs is popping up again and again. Keep track of the number of repairs you need every year—if you find yourself constantly calling a plumber (more than twice a year), it’s time to replace.

There’s an increased number of leaks. Sink leaks can cause damage to your cabinetry and subflooring. They can also create a great environment for mold to grow, which can cause bad smells and health problems. If you notice lots of leaks, stay safe and replace your sink.

You’re changing your kitchen design. If you replace your countertop so your kitchen looks totally different, your sink might get left behind. Keep it cohesive and replace the old one for a new one.

You have rust, stains, and damage. A cracked sink is a breeding ground for germs, and no one likes the sight of stains or rust buildup from mineral deposits and soap scum. In this case, it’s wise to get a new, easy-to-clean sink.

The Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Old Sink

Now that you understand the reasons to why it might be time to replace your sink, it’s time to talk about keeping your old one. To some people, new countertops for a new sink is exactly what they’re looking for—but that’s not right for everyone.

The pros of keeping your old sink:

  • You understand its functionality and know how it works.
  • It’s an aesthetic you’ve grown used to.
  • It may be cheaper than buying a new sink.
  • If the style matches your new countertop, you can blend the old with the new.

The cons of keeping your old sink:

  • Its aesthetic might not match up with the new countertop you picked out.
  • You might have to deal with a replacement down the road, even if your sink works fine currently. Replacing your sink down the road may not be possible without replacing your countertops all over again.
  • You’ll have to deal with a less-than-ideal sink next to a bright and shiny countertop surface.

Is It Time for a New Sink?

New kitchen countertops don’t always mean a new sink, but investing in the two together is the right choice for many people.  At Marble Granite World, we offer various sink options to suit your very needs.  Not to mention, our granite composite sinks are the best in the industry in terms of durability and longevity.  For help figuring out which sink is right for you, get in contact with Marble Granite World today.

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