Quality Countertops in Trinity NC

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial countertops in Trinity, NC, Marble Granite World has the masonry products that suit your needs. We’re one of the leading fabricators of natural stone and engineered stone countertops, each offering a range of color options and durability that will bring color and luxury to your kitchen or bath.

When you need a quality countertop for your renovation project in Trinity, NC, you can rely on Marble Granite World as a leading supplier of natural and engineered stone products. We use cutting-edge technology and years of fabrication expertise to quickly and smoothly complete your project to your specifications.

At Marble Granite World, we handle the whole process, from design to installation, by working with local contractors, builders, and designers across North Carolina so that you can experience the best possible service at a reasonable cost. We also communicate with you during every step so that you have the creative control you need to bring your dream project to life.

Whenever you are ready to install a new countertop, our experts are available to schedule a free consultation appointment or answer your questions in our showroom. Experienced specialists will work with you to plan your budget and necessary customizations with a rough sketch or layout of your project and approximate measurements. By the end of the meeting, we will have a rough timeline for your project, along with a free quote.

Our extensive slab yard in Kernersville, NC, lets you see the full slab of your future countertop with your own eyes and features professional staff to help you find the stone type, edge, color, and appliance cutouts to fulfill your project’s unique needs. We recommend bringing paint or tile samples with you so that you can find a matching color scheme that works perfectly for your room.

Once you decide on your slab, our experts are able to create a template directly at your project site using laser technology to measure as precisely as possible. We will then be able to show you a digital template of the planned installation so that we can answer any of your questions or change our design to fit your vision. The whole process only takes one to two hours and is completed in a single visit, while your whole project will generally take between seven to ten business days to completely finish.

Your countertop design will be fully customized by the latest technology and cut with precision using our automated computer-controlled machines. This lets us build your countertop to the exact specifications for any space, including kitchen, bathroom, and even outdoor locations.

After your material is cut and your edge type is customized, including custom finishes such as honed or leathered surfaces, we apply a sealer to protect your new countertop from staining. With these preparations, we fully prepare your material so that it can be used immediately after installation.


Our installation team will help you complete the final steps of your renovation by transporting and installing the finished countertop directly at your project site. With a properly cleared site to allow our workers the space they need, your new counter will be fully installed within two to five hours and ready for immediate use.

Call our experienced and professional staff at Marble Granite World today so that we can help you enjoy a quality of countertop that meets your decoration standards.

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