Quartz: The Countertop You Never Knew You Needed

If you’re looking for that perfect countertop to remodel your kitchen or bathroom with, then look no further than quartz. With quartz, you can enjoy the look of natural marble without the steep price that marble is infamous for.

A quartz countertop offers a burst of personality and class to any room, providing an updated design and refreshing look. Quartz is timeless and durable, meaning that however long you want to keep its style for your kitchen or bathroom, the quality of your quartz countertop will stand the test of time.

Quartz is the countertop that you never knew you needed. Keep reading to find out why you should choose this stylish and flexible material for your remodel.

It’s Low Maintenance.

If you want that classic, beautiful look of natural stone without the hassle of resealing and refinishing your countertop every year, then quartz is your best bet. Natural stone countertops like granite and marble are gorgeous, but they require all that extra work. Quartz is just as alluring, but it requires so much less maintenance.

Quartz countertops are also nonporous, unlike granite—which is known for being porous, hence the frequent need for resealing. Because quartz is nonporous, it’s extremely difficult for bacteria and germs to find their way into the countertop and make a home there. It’s also nearly impossible for liquid to seep in and create staining. Because quartz is so good at keeping foreign materials out, it’s a great material for kitchens and bathrooms—the two places in your home that should stay the cleanest.

All you need to clean your quartz is a paper towel, soap, and water. It’s as simple as that. (We recommend that you still stay away from bleach, even though quartz is more durable than natural stone.)

It’s Durable.

Quartz is specifically made to withstand wear and tear. There’s no need to worry about scratching, heat damage, or chips. Quartz can handle a lot! Because manufacturers know how tough quartz is, you can usually get a warranty for your quartz countertop that lasts up to twenty-five years.

You Get Your Money’s Worth.

Quartz countertops are not the absolute cheapest on the market—that title would have to go to laminate or solid surface counters. But they are, in fact, the choice that gives you the best deal for the amount that you’re paying.

Quartz countertops are in the same ballpark price as granite—and you can get the same look with a much higher grade of durability. Including the fact that these countertops don’t ever need to be resealed, the initial price that you pay in comparison to the quality is the best value that you can find.

You Control the Appearance.

You can’t control the way that natural stone turns out. When you have granite and marble countertops, there might be different patterns, fissures, and unbalanced colors. Some people see that as part of the draw to natural stone, but others prefer a look that’s more uniform and consistent.

If you’re one of the people who prefer order over a bit of chaos, then quartz is your best option. This is a good idea if your kitchen or bathroom has a very specific color scheme and you’re particular about sticking to it.

Quartz countertops are man-made—including 93 percent quartz, 7 percent resin, and additives of color pigments, which means that you can have as much control as you want when it comes to how the final product will turn out.

Get the Beauty Minus the Maintenance.

As we’ve mentioned, granite and marble countertops take resealing—sometimes so often as once a year. Quartz doesn’t. If you really love the look of granite and marble but can’t get over the annoyance of having to maintain them, there’s always quartz.

Quartz can be engineered to look just like marble or granite—this is a perk of it being a man-made stone. You (and others) won’t be able to tell the difference! It can take on the appearance of different types of marble and granite, with a wide array of colors available. Quartz gives you so many choices.

It’s Versatile.

Some countertops, like laminate, are reminiscent of the era that they were most popular. That’s not the case with quartz. They can be engineered in any color that you want, fitting any type of kitchen—whether you’re looking for a modern look or something more retro. Quartz is not boxed into looking any certain way.

It’s Trendy.

Quartz continues to rise in popularity, catching up with granite and marble as more people realize how low maintenance, affordable, and stylish it is. It fits well in any kitchen or bathroom, and homeowners all over the world are beginning to realize what a great material it is.

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