Which Type of Stone Countertop Has the Most Timeless Appeal?

There are plenty of countertop materials that claim to be timeless only to fail when put to the test of time. The truth is that only a few countertop materials are truly timeless, and two of our favorites include granite and marble.

Whether you install them in your kitchen or bathroom, granite and marble are two materials that won’t go out of style when the next trend comes along. They’ve been popular for many years, and their prevalence will not fade anytime soon.


The Beauty of Marble


Marble is a 100 percent natural stone that is heat resistant and scratch resistant. It’s a low maintenance material, only sensitive to acidic cleaners and substances that you can easily avoid.

Marble isn’t just functional; we would be missing a huge opportunity if we didn’t mention how beautiful it is. It can be found in all sorts of colorations, designs, and veining patterns, and its looks are so versatile that it can make nearly any style of kitchen or bathroom shine with the way it takes advantage of natural light.

What’s more, marble has the ability to raise the resale value of your home! Buyers all over the nation are in search of natural stone countertops, so if your home has marble countertops and the competition doesn’t, it’s clear which dwelling is going to win out—and at the best price possible too.

Marble is so timeless and long lasting that after you get the most enjoyment out of it in your lifetime, future generations will enjoy it in the same way. If you pass your home down to children or grandchildren, your marble countertops will have the same appeal for them as they did for you.


Don’t Forget Granite


While we’re huge fans of marble at Marble Granite World, we can’t forget to mention the timelessness of granite countertops. Granite is another natural stone that is known for its show-stopping looks, and these surfaces are incredibly durable as well. These countertops are heat resistant, scratch resistant, and it is very unlikely to sustain damage over time. And the great news is that if granite does get damaged, repairs are straightforward and simple.

Homeowners aren’t choosing granite just because it’s durable, even though that is a major reason. Granite countertops are also known for their striking looks and bold colorations. The patterns of these countertops are eye-catching, and they act as the visually appealing centerpiece of a room, amping up the aesthetics of a space now and into the future.

Much like marble, granite will never go out of style.


The Most Timeless Stones


Granite and marble are two timeless stones that will not steer you wrong. At Marble Granite World, they are two of our favorite materials, and we’d love to go into further detail about them. Stop in and see us, or give us a call at (336) 992-5214 to learn more.

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