Terms & Conditions

Marble Granite World, Inc. (MGW) warrants a lifetime protection that all fabricated stone products will be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use.  MGW will repair or replace—at its own discretion—products found to be defective. Products are warranted only to our direct customers; no warranty is extended to third parties. Color variations, veining, fissures, pits, and streaks are normal in natural stone; every slab is unique. These unique characteristics of the stone can often be felt when you rub your hand over the stone.  They are not considered defects.  Customer-caused damage to the stone is not covered under MGW’s warranty. Any chipping, scratching, breaking, etching, or staining that occurs after installation is considered customer-caused damage.

MGW will cut the layout as best as possible according to the customer’s wishes, but retains the right to adjust a layout if deemed necessary in order to avoid natural imperfections in the slab. Rest assured that MGW always has your best interest in mind.

A standard sealer is applied to our natural stone products at no additional charge. Sealer needs to be reapplied one year after date of install.  Sealer can be purchased from any hardware store. MGW does also offer a 15-year sealer that can be applied during fabrication at an additional charge. Consult MGW sales staff for pricing.

For customers providing their own templates/measurements for fabrication, MGW will not be held liable for any errors in fabrication that are a result of inaccurate measurements. The customer will incur fabrication and material costs if any product needs to be re-cut/re-fabricated, or if a new piece must be cut as a result of incorrect measurements. Any requested changes to customer-provided measurements should be submitted in writing to MGW staff.



  1. A 50% deposit is required on or before time of template.
  2. A person with decision-making authority MUST be on site during the entirety of the template process.
  3. All of the following should be present, on-site at the time of templating in order to prevent delays in the job:
    1. All sinks that will be provided by the customer
    2. All faucet information for faucets that will be provided by the customer
    3. All stoves or cooktops that will be used in conjunction with the new countertops
  4. Everything must be cleared off countertops before MGW templating personnel arrive at job site, including appliance garages and cabinets resting on the countertops.
  5. If new cabinets are being installed, all cabinets must be completely installed prior to templating. Any changes made to the cabinets after templating occurs will be subject to a re-templating fee.
  6. Farm/apron sinks must be installed prior to template appointment, so that measurements can be taken to account for the sink. MGW can supply farm sinks but does NOT install them.
  7. The measurements produced during templating are final. Thus, the original quoted price may change upon confirmation of square footage after templating.  MGW calculates square footage by longest length and longest width of each piece to calculate waste.  Any adjustments necessary will be made to the sale order.
  8. The customer is responsible for ensuring that cabinets are strong, level, and able to hold the weight of stone. Our templator will notify the customer (if possible) if and where reinforcements are needed or if additional labor is required to level the cabinets.  A contractor/carpenter may be needed before the installation can be scheduled.
  9. If supports for bartops or large overhangs are needed, our templator or sales staff will inform the customer. It will be the responsibility of the customer to ensure proper supports are installed prior to installation of the countertops, unless otherwise noted in the sale order.
  10. MGW personnel will determine the placement of seam(s), with your preferences in mind. However, final seam placement may change upon fabrication due to unexpected issues with the stone. Seams are not guaranteed to be invisible nor undetectable.
  11. Sinks provided by MGW do not come with accessories such as strainers, faucets, grids, etc. These accessories can be purchased at an additional cost.
  12. Some customer-provided sinks may incur a fee for extra customization. The sink must come with a template, as MGW will need this template upon fabrication of countertops.  Please make sure your sink has no defects and keep all accessories in your possession.  MGW charges $50 for each sink template that we make.
  13. Cast iron sinks may incur additional charges due to variability in difficulty of sink installation.
  14. Measurements are taken based on the layout of cabinets. We do our best to follow contours of the walls. Backsplash (stone or tile) is highly recommended to cover any gaps between the wall and your new countertops.
  15. Children must be kept clear of the area so as to avoid damage to the templating equipment. All pets must be put away at time of templating. MGW will not be held liable for any lost or harmed pets.
  16. Any requested changes after templating has taken place or after sale order has been signed should be sent in writing to MGW staff.



  1. Before an install appointment can be guaranteed, MGW must have received the following: a signed copy of the final sale order, a 50% deposit, any customer-provided sinks, customer-provided faucet specs, and cooktop/stove specs.
  2. Prior to the installation appointment, all base cabinets must be completely empty. All existing countertops should be completely cleared of objects and clutter.
  3. Customers will be charged for removal of countertops if the existing countertops are found still in place at time of install if the sale order states that the customer will be responsible for removal of existing countertops.
  4. MGW will charge a minimum of $150 for each trip made by our crew if the jobsite is found to be unprepared for the installation.
  5. MGW installers will use wood shims to rectify minor unevenness in the leveling of cabinets. It is the responsibility of the customer to address any gaps between the cabinets and countertops created by the use of shims.
  6. No electrical, plumbing, cabinetry work will be performed by MGW install crews. Cooktops that are hardwired must be unwired prior to the installation appointment.  We are not licensed electricians.  MGW does not reconnect cooktops or ranges.  Plumbing should be unhooked prior to MGW removals and installations.  If there are any issues, please contact an appropriate professional.
  7. In certain situations, the customer is responsible for removing the bottom row of existing tile backsplash prior to countertop install to allow sufficient space for the thickness of the new countertops. Please note, if MGW is requested to remove existing countertops, the bottom row of tile is subject to risk of damage or breakage during countertop removal.  MGW will do its best to preserve the tile but cannot guarantee a clean separation of existing countertop and backsplash. Also, during the process of removing of existing countertops (by MGW), damage to sheetrock and/or cabinets may occur. Certain installation methods used by other companies to install countertops can make it extremely difficult to get the tops off without damage to the surrounding areas. Though these situations are rare, they can occur and MGW will not be held liable. We will always work with the customer to find a solution that is mutually beneficial to both parties.
  8. The customer is responsible for having the stove and refrigerator moved out of the way prior to the install appointment. If our installation crew needs to move them for any reason, we are not responsible for any damages to floors, walls, or the appliances.
  9. Additional faucet holes can be drilled on site if necessary. Note that dust is created when faucet holes are cut inside your home. Customer is required to return/replace faucet if it does not fit or function properly.  3 holes are drilled at no charge.  Any additional holes incur a charge of $10 per hole. If holes are requested after completion of installation, a trip fee will also be incurred.
  10. Occasional cutting needs to be done inside the house to prevent breakage of the stone. Cutouts create significant dust, so please open windows and doors, cover any furniture, or enclose entire project area with plastic to limit dust exposure. To minimize exposure of dust, our installers will use a vacuum while drilling/cutting indoors.
  11. All pets must be put away throughout installation. MGW will not be held liable for any lost or harmed pets.
  12. MGW installers will provide drop cloths to protect floors. Customers may provide additional protective materials. Some trekking is unavoidable, especially on staircases as blankets can be hazardous when carrying heavy stone.
  13. During installation, there is a possibility of scratches and/or dents to drywall and paint. MGW is not responsible for any such damages as they are sometimes unavoidable when handling heavy stone. The customer may have to do some touch ups to walls.
  14. During the fabrication and installation process, it is possible for chips to occur. This is the nature of working with natural stone. Chip repairs are very common. MGW will repair each chip as best as possible.
  15. Due to stone being a non-flexible material, MGW is not responsible for gaps left where a backsplash meets walls that are not square or plumb. Paintable caulk is used to fill such gaps.
  16. “Notching” of cabinets, cutting of plumbing, cutting of sink, and/or cutting of drywall may be necessary when installing new countertops.
  17. MGW will clean up major debris created during installation, but cannot provide a thorough cleaning due to liability. We do not mop floors nor wipe down cabinets.
  18. MGW installers install undermount sinks, but do not install farm sinks nor drop-in sinks. Drop-in sinks are to installed by a plumber at the time of plumbing connection.
  19. Plumbing work is permitted after install is completed. MGW installers only secure the dishwasher in place; a plumber should connect plumbing for the dishwasher.  Note that undermount sinks sit lower than drop-in sinks.
  20. Installation schedule is subject to change within 24 hours of scheduled date and time, especially due to inclement weather for the safety of our installers. Every installation is unique in the time required for completion. Please call our office (336-992-5214) if any issues arise at the job site.



  1. The standard plumbing reconnection fee charged by MGW covers only the labor cost of reconnecting the plumbing (faucet and drains and any pre-existing dishwasher and/or garbage disposal) for the customer’s sink area.
  2. Should any additional materials and/or labor be required to complete the plumbing reconnection, the customer will be charged accordingly and this additional amount should be paid directly to the plumber.
  3. Sink drains are not included with the purchase of an MGW sink. Customers will either need to provide their own drain kit(s) or purchase them from MGW.
  4. Should any additional labor be required to connect or install any appliances or accessories, there may be an additional charge added to the final invoice following a discussion with the customer. This includes but is not limited to the installation of new electric or plumbing lines required by new appliances or accessories or relocation of pre-existing plumbing and accessories. Certain work, such as electrical work, may require additional outside labor beyond what MGW can provide.
  5. MGW will try to schedule the plumbing reconnection date as close as possible to the installation date of the countertops, schedule permitting. However, the plumbing reconnection is not guaranteed to be on the same day as the countertop installation.
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