Different Countertop Types: What’s Best for Your Remodel?

At Marble Granite World, we have everything you need for a great countertop remodel. We stock all types of countertop materials—both natural and engineered stone.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why we provide such a wide array of choices of countertop types. Everybody has different taste and a different kitchen design, and our diverse showroom is sure to have something that suits your fancy.

You should know a bit about the countertop type you choose before you invest in it, which is why we wrote this article. We’ll go over the types of countertops we offer and what you can expect from each one.

Engineered Stone

Many people love the idea of natural stone but aren’t crazy about the level of upkeep that it requires. If you’re in the market for a low-maintenance countertop, or if you have a tight budget, engineered stone is a great choice.


Quartz is known for its uniformity and predictable patterns. If you want a seamless kitchen design, quartz is perfect for you. It doesn’t require much care, and it lasts for generations. You can get the aesthetic of natural stone without the upkeep.

Be careful with hot items on a quartz countertop, though. The resins included in its makeup don’t hold up well against heat, so always use a hot pad or trivet.


Dekton is a very durable material. Not only is it resistant to heat, but it’s practically heat-proof. Dekton colors are known for being rich and extremely pigmented, making it a beautiful, bold choice for any kitchen.


Porcelain is strong and hardy, holding its own against almost anything. It’s man made, which means that there are tons of colors and designs to choose from, and it’s a popular choice because it’s affordable and versatile.

Natural Stone

We are known for the natural stone selections that we offer. Natural stone countertops are extremely popular because they’re classy and timeless, not to mention incredibly durable and long lasting.


Granite is a porous natural stone, so it requires sealant (and regular resealing). But when it’s sealed and taken care of correctly, it is resistant to heat, stains, and scratches—and it will last for a very long time. Granite is a popular choice for busy families that want a sophisticated look for their kitchen but don’t want to handle their countertop with kid gloves.


If you’re looking for high class and luxury, look no further than marble. While this porous, soft stone calls for more maintenance than granite, its incredible beauty makes it all worth it. It brings an air of bright, crisp, luxury to any room, but it’s best used in low-activity households that have the time and inclination for that bit of extra maintenance.


Quartzite is very durable and can be found in kitchens across the nation. People love that this natural stone looks like marble but with a toughness that can be compared to that of granite. It is extremely heat resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Onyx countertops stand apart from the rest because of their striking beauty. Like all natural stones, every slab is completely unique—you won’t find two of the same onyx slabs no matter how hard you search. It looks similar to marble and requires about the same level of care.


Soapstone is a nonporous natural stone that does not need to be sealed. It can be compared to the texture of soap and is known for its milky appearance. It’s very easy to clean, but it can be vulnerable to scratching and chips due to its soft nature.


Travertine is very durable, and interestingly it absorbs water. This makes it a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms alike, and its cheerful aesthetics have the ability to brighten up any room.

Choosing Between Types

In the end, your best choice relies on your style, your level of desired care, your budget, and your kitchen design. If you need further assistance choosing the best countertop material for you, contact Marble Granite World today.