Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry! There’s no such thing as a dumb question. We’re here to help!

Is granite scratch proof?

No. However, it is scratch-resistant. In order to scratch any object, the item causing the scratch must be harder than the item being scratched. Since only a few things are harder than granite (quartz, silica and diamond), it is difficult to scratch. But remember, the un-glazed ceramics on the bottom of many kitchen items are full of silica.

Can I set a hot pan on my countertop?

It is best to use trivets. The heat created from your stove or your cooktop can not hurt the stone. However, a sudden thermal change from cool to hot could cause an air pocket within the stone to expand and “pop” out a piece of quartz.

Do I need to use a polishing spray or liquid on my countertops?

No. Your countertops have been mechanically polished using diamond abrasives and water. The polish will not wear off. You can use polish if you want an extra sparkle in your counters, but it is not necessary.

If natural stone is so “indestructible”, why can’t I use regular cleaners?

In the case of granite (a stone made from silica), standard cleaners will not harm the stone. However, it will break down the formulation of the sealer that has been applied to your countertops. As for marble (a stone made from calcite) can easily be etched by many of the chemicals that are in standard cleaners.

Are my countertops sealed and how often do I need to seal them?

Your countertops have been sealed prior to leaving our shop. However, some stone may require additional applications down the road. Each type of stone differs in its porosity and how often it needs to be resealed (length of time will also vary depending upon the cleaners you use on your countertops). If your counters seem to absorb liquid rather than cause the liquid to bead up, you know that it is time to reseal your counters. Resealing is a fairly simple wipe-on, wipe-off process and nothing to be concerned about.  Alternatively, you can opt for our 15-year sealer which will provide headache-free protection for your countertops.

Am I buying the whole slab?

No. Customers will never pay for the entire slab. Marble Granite World purchases the slab and the customer pays for the square footage used out of the slab. This means that any remaining unused material goes straight to our remnant yard. Marble Granite World customers will never pay for an entire slab!

How cost effective is it to buy a remnant?

Very! It is very cost effective to buy a remnant for your project when possible. By using a remnant that perfectly fits (or comes very close) to the size of your project reduces the amount of waste created. This in turn allows Marble Granite World to keep prices low since the customer will be maximizing the use of the stone. For more information on the benefits of using remnant pieces, please see our blog!

Will you come repair my broken granite?

Yes! Marble Granite World will perform service calls in the Triad area. We ask that you send a photo and description of the area that needs repair to our sales email and we will get back to your shortly with a quote. To the best of our ability, we can service broken granite, replace sinks, and reseal/polish countertops.  If your project is not repairable, we will let you know.

Will you attach our sink during install?

Yes! We attach your undermount sink to the countertop wether you buy it from Marble Granite World or purchase it yourself. If you provide your own drop-in (i.e. topmount) sink, it will be up to the homeowner or plumber to silicone seal the sink to the countertop once the water is re-connected. Marble Granite World will attach your undermount sink using clips and silicone to make sure it is secure and watertight.

Do we buy used granite?

No. If you have used granite, Marble Granite World will not purchase this granite back from you. The odds of reusing a piece of used granite for a new project with the same exact measurements are slim to none, which makes the re-installation of used granite near impossible.

Where does the stone come from?

Our stone comes from our suppliers. A stone supplier is an importer of natural and engineered stone. Since suppliers work in wholesale and focus specifically on import of natural/engineered stone, they have a wide variety of stone selections. Suppliers do not sell directly to the public, only to stone fabricators. Most natural and engineered stones are imported from Italy, Brazil, Spain, India, and China. For more information on where stones come from, see our blog!

What is the difference between a supplier and a fabricator?

A supplier is an importer of natural and engineered stone. They do not sell directly to the public. A fabricator is a company that cuts, polishes, and installs natural and engineered stone project. Fabricators sell directly to the public. Typically, suppliers and fabricators work together, so as a homeowner you will most likely visit both while working on your project!

Which stone is cheapest?

At the moment, granite has the lowest starting price point! Often engineered stones are affected by tariffs and manufacturing costs, which causes them to have a higher starting price point. Marble and quartzite are typically more exotic stones, leading them to have a higher price point than both granite and quartz.

Do we work with Corian or cultured marble?

No. We do not handle any type or cultured marble or Corian products.

Do we sub-contract installers?

Nope! From start to finish, everything for your project is done completely in-house. This means that we measure your project, cut the stone, polish the stone, and install the countertops.

Can you help me with cabinets? Or paint?

No. Marble Granite World fabricates and installs countertops only. We are happy to recommend others that we have worked for your cabinet design, paint needs, or other renovation requirements. We can recommend general contractors, plumbers, tile installer, and designers who we work closely with. Our sales staff is always happy to point you in the right direction with home renovations recommendations!

How long will my appointments take?

Once we receive a deposit, we can schedule you for a templating appointment. Templating appointment usually last about an hour, depending on the size of the project. When templating an entire house, the appointment can last anywhere from 1 – 3 hours. Small projects such as a bathroom vanity may take less than an hour. When it comes to install, these appointments will usually take a few hours. Again, it depends on the size and scope of the project, but it’s safe to set aside half a day for an install appointment. Please take into consideration other aspects of the install appointment, such as removal and disposal of your existing countertop, as this can lengthen an installation appointment.

What are the differences in the levels?

There are levels to both natural and engineered stone. While these levels do not correlate to quality, they do correspond to price. Often more exotic or intricate patterns in the stone are labeled as higher levels. When discussing pricing with sales staff, the lower the level the lower the price. Level 1 Granite or Quartz does NOT mean it is a lower quality or less durable material. We have close to a dozen different Level 1 Granite colors that look beautiful in homes, without breaking the bank! Please note that Marble Granite World uses numeric levels, while some of our suppliers use a letter-based system. Make sure that you discussing budget with both your sales representative and supplier representative when shopping.