Browse some of our most popular marble colors for countertops and other projects.  Remember that because marble is a natural stone, slabs may vary from the images you see online. No two slabs of natural stone are identical.  Book an appointment to visit our showroom, conveniently located between Greensboro and Winston-Salem, to browse our full slab inventory.

Our “Choosing the Best Product for You” chart provides a useful comparison overview of the benefits and drawbacks of marble versus other natural stones and engineered stones.

How durable is marble?  Marble is one of the softer natural stones, which makes it less than ideal for high-traffic spaces such as kitchens.  It offers a timeless, natural look; however, it is not scratch resistant and is quite porous, which makes it prone to staining and etching.  Marble has been used for building construction and art pieces for thousands of years, due to its beautiful, natural look.  Marble tends to be veiny in pattern.  Its beauty comes from its unique patterns and eye-catching array of colors.  Marble slabs are available in polished and honed finishes.  Browse our full inventory of marble slabs online.

What is a “true marble” versus a “hard marble”?  Most types of marble are mined from Italy, Brazil, and India.  True marble tends to be so soft because it is made up largely of calcium carbonate.  It’s thanks to this calcium carbonate that so many household foods and products (such as vinegar, lemon juice, ketchup, and strong soaps) can cause a chemical reaction known as “etching.”  Hard marble is a sedimentary rock with properties that make it behave like a quartzite.  Not all hard marbles are the same, but most of them are more scratch-resistant than true marbles.  Buyers are often misled with the wrong information when searching for countertops.  At Marble Granite World, we’ll make sure you have all the right information to make the best decision for your next home project.

Where is marble used? Marble is a good choice for low-traffic, indoor areas!  Excellent uses for marble include bathroom vanity countertops, laundry room countertops, fireplace surrounds, staircases, thresholds, wall caps, shower seats, table tops, desktops, and more!  Certain marbles, such as Fantasy Brown and Fantasy Blue, are great choices for kitchen countertops.  These marble are actually harder and more durable than other marbles.

Once you’ve picked a marble color for your countertop or other project, the next step is to pick an edge profile!  We offer a solid selection of edge profiles to go along with the style you’re seeking.  Ask us which edge profiles we recommend!