Why Choose Onyx?

Onyx is a rare, exotic stone.  The beauty about onyx is that it is semi-translucent, meaning that light can shine through parts of the stone.  Browse some of our most popular onyx colors for countertops and other projects.  Remember that as a natural stone, onyx slabs may vary from the images you see online.  No two slabs of natural stone are identical.  Book an appointment to visit our showroom, conveniently located between Greensboro and Winston-Salem!

How durable is onyx?  Onyx is an exotic stone composed mostly of silica and quartz.  It is a fragile stone, which makes it useful for high-end, low-traffic uses.  Thanks to its translucent qualities, onyx is perfect for back-lit applications, such as bar tops, backsplashes, tables, and desks.  Onyx slabs tend to be found in shades of white, cream, pink, and green. Onyx slabs are generally available in a polished finish.

Visit our showroom to check out some of our back-lit displays.  Let us know what ideas you have, and we’ll help you design and plan out your next back-lit onyx project!

The onyx colors listed below are just a few of the hundreds of onyx colors available.  These colors are not guaranteed to be in-stock. 

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